New Horizons District

Districts are the administrative divisions of the council and help packs, troops, crews, ships, and posts succeed in running the program of the Boy Scouts of America. A district is comprised of a committee of volunteers who organize membership recruiting, new unit formation, fundraising, programs, and assistance for all the units in the district.

All of Us 4 All the Scouts!!

New Horizons' Supporters,
Welcome to the official Webpage of the New Horizons District of the Last Frontier Council. 

We seek to enhance the Scouting Movement through Effective Programming, Meaningful Interaction, and Positive Accountability.

We will do everything possible to ensure all Scouting Units are functional and organized. The long-term vision for the New Horizons' District involves moving toward more traditional forms of Scouting, and preparing our Scouts with more opportunities to progress in the Scouting Movement. We can achieve this by strengthening our Adult involvement and engagement.


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More Information about the New Horizon District

Myron  Knight

Myron Knight

District Commissioner, New Horizons District

(405) 615-9384

Jonathan Still

Jonathan Still

District Executive-New Horizons District

(405) 549-1576

Gary  Woods

Gary Woods

District Chair, New Horizons District

(405) 833-5765

Position Name Telephone
Field Director-Service Area 1 Carl Hanke (936) 615-0711 Email
District Commissioner, New Horizons District Myron Knight (405) 615-9384 Email
District Executive-New Horizons District Jonathan Still (405) 549-1576 Email
District Chair, New Horizons District Gary Woods (405) 833-5765 Email