Eagle District

Districts are the administrative divisions of the council and help packs, troops, crews, ships, and posts succeed in running the program of the Boy Scouts of America. A district is comprised of a committee of volunteers who organize membership recruiting, new unit formation, fundraising, programs, and assistance for all the units in the district.


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Welcome all Scouters and Scouts to the Eagle District page where you will find the information you may need to have a great Scouting experience.  

The Eagle District of the Last Frontier Council, Boy Scouts of America provides fun, adventure, and moral values that last a lifetime.  We serve the Edmond area from Memorial Road north through Edmond, Deer Creek, and Logan County. If you need more information please feel free to contact anyone on the "District Leadership" list or an email by clicking "Contact Us."

The Eagle District serves almost 2,200 youth through 60 Cub Scout Packs, Boy Scout Troops, Venturing Crews and Exploring Posts.

District Coverage in Oklahoma

The following counties are served by the Eagle District:

  • Northern Oklahoma County
  • Logan County

The Eagle District serves the following communities:

  • Edmond
  • Arcadia
  • Crescent
  • Deer Creek
  • Guthrie
  • Langston
  • Mulhall

Eagle District is proud to serve the following Units and their Chartered Organizations:

Unit Charter Organization
Pack 21, Troop 21, Crew 21    St. John's the Baptist Catholic Church
Pack 78, Troop 78, Crew 78   First Presbyterian Church - Edmond
Pack 79, Troop 77, Crew 77   First United Methodist Church - Edmond
Pack 90   Cross Timbers Elementary
Pack 91, Troop 479 First Christian Church
Pack 101      St. Augustine Episcopal Church
Pack 177, Troop 177          United Methodist Church of the Servant
Pack 226, Troop 226      New Hope Church of Christ
Pack 331, Troop 331  St. Monica Catholic Church
Pack 335              Grove Valley Elementary [Deer Creek]
Pack 337, Troop 79            Southern Hills Christian Church
Pack 339      Memorial Road Church of Christ
Pack 341, Troop 89      New Covenant United Methodist Church
Troop 344    Luther Masonic Lodge #13
Pack 345, Troop 345      Latter-Day Saints, Edmond 1st Ward
Pack 346, Troop 346     Latter-Day Saints, Edmond 2nd Ward
Pack 350, Troop 350, Team 350 Latter-Day Saints, Edmond 3rd Ward
Pack 314, Troop 314    Latter-Day Saints, Edmond 4th Ward
Pack 351, Troop 351, Team 351 Latter-Day Saints, Guthrie Ward
Pack 685, Troop 685             Latter-Day Saints, OKC Ward - Village Stake
Pack 348        Prairie Vale Elementary [Deer Creek]
Pack 349, Troop 349 Quail Springs United Methodist Church
Pack 430, Troop 1             St. Mary's Episcopal Church
Pack 850, Troop 850, Crew 850 First United Methodist Church - Guthrie
Troop 94               Santa Fe Presbyterian Church
Troop 121     Oakdale Baptist Church
Troop 386  Peace Lutheran Church
Troop 599 Episcopal Church of the Ressurection
Troop 850 First United Mehtodist Church - Guthrie



Position Name Telephone
Eagle District Chairman Stephen Ball (405) 471-7500
Camp Cards Chairman Chad Ferrell (405) 630-7072 Email
Eagle District FOS Chair Drew Graham (405) 760-2445 Email
Eagle District Vice Chairman John Hermes (405) 409-1813 Email
Eagle District Activities and Civic Service Chair John Hermes (405) 409-1813 Email
Eagle District Webelos to Scout Transition Chairman Derek Lampe (405) 317-0614 Email
Eagle District Vice Chairman Kara Lampe (405) 317-8796 Email
Eagle District Training Chair Stacey Riffell (405) 210-2481 Email
Event Chair Tony Robertiello (405) 509-1357 Email
Eagle District Commissioner Alan Simpson (405) 831-3506 Email
Field Director- Service Area 2 John Tipton (865) 250-9075 Email
Camporee Camp Director Mike Trower (405) 401-9230 Email
Advancement Chair, Eagle District Kathy Zabloudil (405) 514-5846 Email