Scouting C.A.R.E.S. Card Sale

The Scouting CARES Card will maximize your fundraising efforts and minimize risk by offering a flexible way to sell smart by using Show N Sell or Door to Door techniques. So, keep booking your Show N Sell locations. PLUS, units will receive 50% commission on cards sold. That is 17% more on average than a traditional popcorn Show N Sell. The CARES Card will contain discounts to many local businesses, and will be sold as a way to do our part to support these businesses at a time when many have been hit so hard during the COVID-19 pandemic while also providing much needed funds for our Scouting Programs!  This is a way to help you meet your financial goals with less effort!

Reasons why the Scouting CARES Card will benefit your unit:

  1. Help your unit reach its financial goals during uncertain times
  2. Create a product that is more flexible and can be sold by Show N Sell or quickly shifted to other means of selling
  3. Product is guaranteed to be available
  4. Reduce the liability and risk of having a surplus of unsold popcorn

The sale begins on August 1 so don't miss out, Register Now by clicking this  link:  CARE Card Registration

Thank you for your excitement and willingness to make this a successful sale for our Scouts!

File Name Description
2020 LFC Show N Sell Guidelines Guidelines and rules for the Last Frontier Council Show N Sell. Applies to the Scouting CARES Card in 2020. Download
2020 Scouting C.A.R.E.S. Card Leader's Guide Download
2020 Scouting CARES Card Images Download
CARES Card SNS Location Confirmation Form Download
Fall Product Sale Budgeting Tool Download
Fall Product Sale Permission Slip Download
Unit Card Tracking Spreadsheet Download